Environmental Policy

GEFEST TR is an integral part of our business to take necessary measures to minimize the negative impacts on the environment during all kinds of activities for a sustainable and development-oriented future. In addition, our general principle is to keep environmental sensitivity alive in the name of social responsibility by fulfilling the requirements of the legal regulations related to environmental management.

GEFEST TR All the Employees in the scope of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard in all our activities:

• Adhering to the Environmental Claims of Our Customers, Compliance with All National and Local and Other Requirements Related to Our Environmental Dimensions,
• Increase Recycling and Recycling Quantities to Prevent Pollution of the Environment,
• Continuous Improvement of our Environmental Performance in line with Economic and Technological Facilities,
• Ensuring the Optimal Use of Natural Resources,
• Promoting and Promoting All Our Employees, Suppliers and Customers in the Environment in a Cooperative,
• Establishing Economic and Ecological Equilibrium by Considering the Environmental Impact in Our Current and Planned Production Activities, Commitment

4.2.2 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of all employees in the Company's management activities is the most important of all activities of the company. For this purpose, the health and safety system that meets the requirements of the HSE Management System is structured, and the best of all employees is done in a safe and pleasant working life. For this reason, security and health areas are continually improved depending on the following safety and health activities.

• We will prevent injuries and health distortions,
• We will ensure the implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety requirements by all our managers,
• We will fully comply with the safety rules in all our activities,
• We will resolve the risks at the source with the idea of ​​ensuring the safety of all our employees, including our guests and subcontractors,
• We comply with all legal and other requirements under Occupational Health and Safety,
• We announce our Occupational Health and Safety policy to all employees working on behalf of GEFEST TR, and will always keep them open to the community and all relevant organizations,
We commit.

SEÇ EK01 Healt Security Hand Book